We could not succeed without our sponsors. We are thankful for Illini Robotics, John Deere, Target, 4-H, Libman, and Wagner Machines which make our team better. 

Illinois Robotics

We are a part of the Illini Robotics organization along with Ctrl-Z, FRC team 4096. 


John Deere provides us amazing space to use as a robot workshop and practice arena. They have also provide several grants to support our team.


Target provided us with funding for necessary tools and other miscellaneous items. In our last match our opponent collided with us, and hit us right in the bull's eye.


4-H provides us with guidelines and rules to follow so that we participate in FTC safely.


Libman provides us with funding for game elements and field pieces. Thanks to their support, we were able to sweep meet 1.

Wagner machines

Wagner Machine provides us with custom machined parts and training in programming the waterjet cutter.

We are always looking for more sponsors to support our team. If you have any questions, and are interested in possible sponsoring us, please contact us at ctrlyrobotics@gmail.com. Thank you!