We could not succeed without our sponsors. We are thankful for CS+X, John Deere, and 4H, which make our team better.

Illinois Robotics

We are a part of the Illini Robotics organization along with Ctrl-Z.

John Deere

John Deere provided us a grant to support our team. In the past, they have provided a lot of financial aid to the team by paying for parts as well as other machinery.

4 H

4-H provides us with guidelines and rules to follow so that we are safe. We are to wear safety googles whenever we are working with parts, and we are expected to have the supervision of at least 2 adults during all of our meetings.

cs+ x Foundation

CS+X provides us with a space for us to meet for Robotics. The owner, Laura Kalman, is interested in providing the Champaign county with more opportunities of STEM, and has kindly allowed CTRL-Z to use this space.

We are always looking for more sponsors to support our team. If you have any questions, and are interested in possible sponsoring us, please contact us at ctrlyrobotics@gmail.com. Thank you!