2019 - 2020 Skystone 

The season has officially ended for us, but this is the video that was released for kick-off of the 2019-2020 season. Each year one a similar video is released describing that year's game.

Last year's game was focused around working with your alliance partner to build skyscrapers out of giant lego like blocks, and move them around on a platform called the foundation. There were additional points available for moving stones under your alliance's skybridge, moving the foundation around in autonomous, and parking in different locations at specific times during the game. 

Our strategy

We focused mostly on Autonomous and Endgame this season because they gave us the most points. We knew that other teams would capitalize on TeleOp, so we decided to be a Delivery robot. We would give the stones to our alliance, and they would stack it onto the foundation.

We had two main different autonomous programs, although we could do 16 different types. We would get the foundation and park, or we would get 3 skystones and park. Either autonomous was worth many points, although the skystone autonomous was worth more. 

With Mecanum wheels, we were able to successfully grab stones and give them to our alliance partner without having a lot of difficulty. In addition, our outtake and intake system was pretty efficient which cut down our cycle time.

We had a playbook that we would discuss with our alliance partner before the match began. This would allow both teams to understand what to do, and to make sure that we would not collide with one another. 

Our results

League Meet 1 - 5-0-0

League Meet 2 - 2-3-0

League Meet 3 - 3-1-1

League Championship - 

Qualifiers - 3-2-0

Finished Second overall

Picked team 10303 and team 14371

Semi-finals - 2-1-0

Against teams 13365, 5187, and 11462

Finals - 2-0-0

Against teams 15042 (Ctrl-X), 15410, and 16989

Awards - Think 2nd place, Control 1st place

State Championship - 

Qualifiers - 3-2-0

Did not progress to elimination rounds.

Awards - Control 3rd place