Update: We are going to state!

During the Central Southern league qualifier, we were part of the winning alliance (1st pick) with 14204 Super Scream Bros and 10303 Robot Rebellion.  We achieved the Illinois high score, 282, with Super SCREAM Bros (Check out the video Here)

Judged Awards:

3rd place for Inspire

2nd place for Control

1st place for Innovate

Thank you to our coaches, mentors, and sponsors for making this possible!

Updated Capabilities

In Autonomous we target 50 points

In Tele-op we

In Endgame we target 50 points



The Game

CENTERSTAGE is the most complex challenge we have faced to date. Our robot needs to tackle more challenges than ever before. The field is divided into two sections by a truss, with a gate in the middle for robots to traverse through.  On the back half, there are two tilted "backdrops" upon which hexagonal "pixels" are placed as a primary scoring mechanic. Other point-earning opportunities include:

Game Strategy

Maximize autonomous and end game;
pixels placed during TeleOp count towards either set line or mosaics.

· In this years game, the open field layout might indicate high scoring potential during teleop. We found that autonomous and end game are the decisive factors as field traffic negatively impacts pixel cycle time during teleop. So, we focused on consistent autonomous, a reliable drone shooter and hanger, and making every teleop pixel count towards either set lines or mosaics.

· Autonomous:  See team prop, purple pixel to correct spike mark, read AprilTags, deliver yellow pixel, park = 50 pts

· End Game: Drone to zone 1 and suspend = 50 pts

· Human Player: Develop communication system between alliance coaches and human player to indicate pixel status in the claws. Train the human player to provide correct pixel combination to optimize scoring. (Four colors options in 2 claws makes 16 different possibilities for human player.)

· Drive Team: A gentle tap on the backboard could spell the end of a good game. Train drive team to be careful around the backboard, provide ‘nudge’ drive and ‘crawl’ drive to give them better control.

Robot Design

Notable Accomplishments

waterjet Panels

This year we decided on a chassis with very specific dimensions, increasing the structural integrity of our robot in order to meet the game's requirements. We made this using a custom waterjetted metal plate from Wagner Machine Co.

Pixel-indicating leds

For CENTESTAGE, we realized we needed LEDs to help our drivers know whether the claws are open or closed. We use left and right side LEDs to indicate claw status at all times during teleop:  

Blue/Orange: Pixel in claw/Empty

Blinking/Solid: Claw is open/closed

Left/Right: Left/Right Claw

Scoring website

To support the team during matches we developed a CENTERSTAGE scoring website, using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The website serves to verify match scores, and as a visual to coordinate strategy. The system is publicly accessible to any device with a web browser.

The website can be accessed at https://ftc.ajaxcore.com/

Season Progress