our strategy

This year’s game looks like a ton of fun! 

It’s definitely going to be a little crazy and congested as it returns to a world of cooperation and alliances. 

Note: Between meet 3 and League Champs, we worked hard preparing our presentation and portfolio while running driver practice and making small tweaks in both code and mechanics for improved consistency and speed. 


Meet 1:   3-2-0    Rank #5

Meet 2:   3-2-0    Rank #3

Meet 3:   5-0-0    Rank #2

Illinois Central/Southern League Tournament: 

Qualification Rounds: 5-0-0  Rank #2

Semifinals: 2-0-0

Finals: 0-2-0 


Illinois State Championship

Qualification Rounds:   3-2-0    Rank #15

League Championship match videos

Click on the following links (with timestamps) to see our matches! If it does not work, use this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5u3XOdFnKo&t=26100s and use the timestamps listed on the right for our matches

Ctrl-Y Qual 3 (1st match) (2h, 40m)
- Starting point: Blue Storage

Ctrl-Y Qual 8 (2nd match) (3h, 10m)
- Starting point: Blue Warehouse

Ctrl-Y Qual 15 (3rd match) (5h, 00m)
- Starting point: Blue Warehouse

Ctrl-Y Qual 20 (4th match) (5h, 31m)
- Starting point: Red Warehouse

Ctrl-Y Qual 24 (5th match) (5h, 43m)
- Starting point: Red Storage

Ctrl-Y Semi 2 (1st match) (6h, 47m)
- Starting point: Red Storage

Ctrl-Y Semi 2 (2nd match) (7h, 02m)
- Starting point: Red Storage

Ctrl-Y Finals (1st match) (7h, 15m)
- Starting point: Blue Storage

Notable Achievements:

This year, we were able to triangulate the position of the Alliance hub using a dual camera (binocular) system. We called this algorithm binocular vision, and the basics of it are outlined below. This was also heavily reliant on previous work we had done using OpenCV and JULIP for image processing functionality. Posters pictured below show basic information and JULIP and CAD tutorials are available through our training workshops (click here)

Additionally, we worked this year to use CAD and 3d printing to make prototyping and designing a smoother process, and that can be seen in our capper design.