Our team

TEam Bios


David R

Drive Team, Design, CAD

Sanjay S

Drive Team, Design, CAD

Zihaar A

Human Player, Programmer

Jack L

Prototyping, CAD, Scoring

Jack B

Design, Prototyping

Manmitha G

Drive Coach, Design

Joseph T

Teleop Coding, Scoring

Bincy L

Autonomous Coding, Scoring

Johnathan H

Strategy, Scoring

Elijah S

Autonomous Coding

Matvey B 

Design, Coding Intern

Evan L

CAD Intern


Design, Coding Intern

Ryan D

Honorary Member: Assisted in Producing Scoring Site


Laurie L

Head Coach

Trever R

Strategy/Design Mentor

Eric C

Programming Mentor

Kristin R

Programming Mentor


Zoey (2022)

Sophia (2022)

Audrey (2022)

Shreya (2022)


Ctrl-Z FRC 4096

Our team has a unique relationship with two different teams, the first of which is Ctrl-Z. We often refer to them as our parent team. They are a big sponsor for us as a FRC team. 

Ctrl-X FTC 15042

After our first year as a team, there were a large enough number of people interested in joining FTC that we founded a second FTC team, Ctrl-X, they were a group of rookies, and we ended up acting as unofficial mentors for much of their 2 seasons as a team. Unfortunately, they lost their coach, so they were absorbed into Ctrl-Y between the 2019-2020 season and the 2020-2021 season.