FTC Judging and Awards

Advancement Order:

1. Inspire Award Winner 

2. Winning Alliance Captain

3. Inspire Award 2nd place 

4. Winning Alliance, 1st Team Selected 

5. Inspire Award 3rd place 

6. Winning Alliance, 2nd Team Selected

7. Think Award Winner 

8. Finalist Alliance Captain

9. Connect Award Winner 

10. Finalist Alliance, 1st Team Selected

11. Innovate Award Winner 

12. Finalist Alliance, 2nd Team Selected

13. Control Award

14. Motivate Award Winner 

15. Design Award Winner

The remainder of advancement are on Highest Ranked Teams not previously advanced

Inspire Award

Role Model FIRST Team

This judged award is given to the team that best embodies the ‘challenge’ of the FIRST Tech Challenge program. The Team that receives this award is a strong ambassador for FIRST programs and a role model FIRST Team. 


The Notebook/Portfolio Award



Outreach within the STEM community


Innovative and functional design


*Application Required*

Programming, sensors, and automation



This award focuses on a Team’s ability to program a robot that can reliably and efficiently carry out tasks during Match play, in a way that improves their ability to score during a match. 

The judges look for: 

The judges should pay attention to the program and design process. The design process is more critical than the code itself. 

Teams must fill out and turn in the Control Award submission form to be considered for the Control Award. A Control Award binder or notebook is not an acceptable submission. Additional Control information should be located in the engineering notebook and portfolio. 


Outreach outside of the STEM Community

This Team embraces the culture of FIRST and clearly shows what it means to be a team. 


Robot Design and Aesthetic